We manufacture a wide variety of products:

Excavator Buckets

Ripper Teeth (D11 Ripper)


Excavator Buckets:
Heavy Duty up to 40 Ton (Rock Bucket)
Grading Buckets up to 40 Ton
Riddle Buckets up to 25 Ton
Tiledrain Buckets up to 25 Ton
Mounding Buckets up to 25 Ton
Dyke Buckets up to 25 Ton

All of the above are also available for Rubber Tyre Digger e.g. Terex 860




20 Ton Rock Bucket



72" Dyke Bucket (complete with CAT 215 Tips & Adapters)


Mounding Bucket (Forrestry Bucket)

P + T Bucket

Custom Forrestry Bucket

Griddle Bucket for 12 Ton Machine

Grading Bucket for 20 Ton Machine


Stone Bucket for Terex 860


Ripper Teeth:
Available in a variety of sizes as follows:

D11 Ripper

3 Ton Mini Rippers
6 Ton Ripper (would also suit Rubber Tyre Digger e.g. Terex 860, JCB 3CX P8 or P12)
10 Ton Ripper
15 Ton Ripper
20 Ton Ripper available in 2 sizes, 1 standard and 1 for heavy duty work.
30 Ton Ripper
40 Ton Ripper


20 Ton Standard Ripper

30 Ton Ripper


D11 Ripper

D11 Shank Tip & Ripper Guard supplied by Eamon Long & Co.

D11 Ripper on CAT 330d.

Bill Enright taking delivery of the new D11 Ripper

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