Agriculture Products

We manufacture a wide variety of products:

Tine Grabs (up to 66″° for Industrial Loader)

We supply Shear Grabs for Rubber Tyre (Terex 860, JCB 3CX) and Industrial Loaders and Telescopic Loaders.
Sizes range from 66” up to 84” with Centre Slice 3 Ram.

Stone forks for all Rubber Tyre Industrial Loaders and all come with Kneverland Tines and are fully bushed.

Silage Forks

For all Loaders varying in size from 84” with 45mm High Tensile Tines. All tines are fully bushed to prevent loosing up to the Heavy Duty Fork with 50mm High Tensile Tines.

Weight Box

We manufacture weight boxes for the Terex 860 and Massey Ferguson 50 Hx Rubber Tyre Diggers.

Quick Release Attachments
For Rubber Tyre Diggers:
Terex 860 Manual Hitch, Hydraulic Hitch, 860 Euro Hitch
JCB Manual Hitch, Hydraulic Hitch for both P8 and P12 Models
Massey Ferguson 50HX/50B Manual & Hydraulic
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